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Qatar National Vision 2030:          What Lies Ahead?

Chatham House Senior Research Fellow, Dr Sanam Vakil, sits down with our CEO, Dr Neil Quilliam to discuss what lies ahead of Qatar in regards to their National Vision 2030, as well as the looming 2022 World Cup.

Is Jordan a Shining Example for Renewable Energy in The Middle East?

Castlereagh Senior Advisor Jessica Obeid talks about Jordan’s success with renewable energy as well as the challenges it must address in order to make further advances and better influence the rest of the region.

How Will Saudi Arabia Attract Foreign Direct Investment


Professor Karen Young from the America Enterprise Institute explains what methods Saudi Arabia should employ in order to better attract foreign direct investment as part of its Vision 2030 plan.

Saudi Aramco: How Will They Bounce Back?


Emily Stromquist, Castlereagh Associates’ Director for Energy, explains what strategy Aramco should adopt in order to recover from the attack on its Abqaiq & Khurais facilities.

Water Scarcity and Food Security


Daniel Moshashai, Castlereagh Associates’ MENA Analyst, explains why the region needs a radical agricultural transformation and what reforms could be undertaken to support ecological transition.

Gulf Bond Markets

Castlereagh Associates’ Business and Finance Senior Analyst, Rachna Uppal, looks at how issuers take advantage of strong demand amid rising geopolitical tensions.

Turkey’s S400 Purchase

Castlereagh’s MENA Analyst, Daniel Moshashai, hares his insights on Turkey’s recent S400 purchase and the strategic meaning behind it.

The INSTC: Trans-regional Connectivity & Geopolitics

Castlereagh’s MENA Analyst, Daniel Moshashai, explains how geopolitical factors are impacting the International North-South Transport Corridor.

Incentives for Decentralised Energy in The Middle East

Castlereagh’s Senior Advisor, Jessica Obeid, explains why governments across the Middle East are reluctant to provide incentives for decentralised energy and why these energy models are bound to increase.

Power Sector in The Middle East


Castlereagh’s Senior Advisor, Jessica Obeid, offers her perspective on the major issues facing the power sector in The Middle East.

Renewable Energy Investment in The Middle East

Castlereagh’s Senior Advisor, Jessica Obeid, outlines the reasons why governments across the Middle East are investing in renewable energy.

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