Opportunities Series

Castlereagh Opportunities Series

Castlereagh’s Opportunities Series aims to give subscribers to our website an insider’s view of emerging trends shaping policymakers’ decisions and affecting the way businesses operate. With a special focus on the high-growth economies of the GCC and Asia, our range of topics includes the rise and impact of disruptive political trends, the increasing shift towards economic diversification and energy security in markets reliant on commodities, and a look at the legal and administrative reforms which drive them.

20 in 2020

Our latest report focuses on 20 Gulf power players shaping the region in 2020.

Malaysia Reports

3 Reports looking into political and economic relations between Malaysia and GCC countries.

Morocco's Emerging Economy

Our report on economic forecasts, sector opportunities, foreign relations and risks in Morocco.

Iran Economic Series

5 Reports each looking at key economic issues in Iran: Inflation, Banking, Corruption, Trade, Budgeting.