Gulf Monitor

Gulf Monitor

Castlereagh’s Gulf Monitor provides an insight into key developments in economic diversification, monetary and fiscal policy, social policy and foreign relations in line with the collective ambitions of GCC states to change their economies, yet preserve their systems of governance.

Also housed on this page is the Market Watch collection by Karen E. Young, who has followed and mapped closely the GCC states’ policy response since 2015. It is an authoritative guide to understanding policy formation, reaction and hydrocarbon reliance in the GCC in the last five years.

Tying the Region in Knots: How the JCPOA is Tethered to Gulf Economic and Security Challenges

US-Saudi Economic Ties: Why Saudi Arabia Matters

Though the Oil Link may be broken, the United States and Saudi Arabia remain linked by economic and investment ties, energy markets and a shared interest in global economic stability.

Saudi Economic Reform Update: Saudization and Expat Exodus

New Year, New Economic Pain

The new year is likely to bring some serious economic pain to parts of the Gulf, especially Saudi Arabia.