Economic Risk Series

Iran: Bracing for the Storm, Part I

A week has now passed since the full reimposition of US sanctions on Iran. In “Bracing for the Storm” Part I, we present you with a detailed analysis of the impact of sanctions on Iran’s trade. partnerships, energy sector and access to international finance, as well as a breakdown of sanctions and strategies that Iran is likely to adopt to circumvent sanctions. 


Iran: Bracing for the Storm, Part II

In “Bracing for the Storm” Part II, we focus on Iran’s domestic political-economy and the economic impact of sanctions in Iran, with a focus on inflation. Relying on data compiled in Iran, interviews made with Iranian businessmen and top former US officials, our report aims at providing not only a clear picture of Iran’s current predicaments but also at sketching three different scenarios that might unfold up to 2024.

Coming soon.