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EU gives thumbs up to UAE on tax

10 October 2019
The 28-member bloc has decided to remove the UAE from its tax-haven blacklist  Rachna Uppal | Senior Analyst Business & Finance GCC | r.uppal@castlereagh.net

Macron’s four-point plan

03 October 2019
Is the French initiative a step forward in bringing Iran and the US to the table? Daniel Moshashai | MENA Analyst | d.moshashai@castlereagh.net

Rouhani briefing on UNGA trip

03 October 2019
Rouhani's latest statements infer that Iran's positions are unlikely to change.  Daniel Moshashai | MENA Analyst | d.moshashai@castlereagh.net

GCC Bonds Fly

30 September 2019
The Gulf: Flurry of GCC bond issues amid heightened geopolitical tensions – are investors downplaying risk? Rachna Uppal | Senior Analyst Business & Finance, GCC | r.uppal@castlereagh.net

The view from Tehran

23 September 2019
The Gulf: What is Iran's thinking behind the attacks on Saudi oil infrastructure? Daniel Moshashai | MENA Analyst | d.moshashai@castlereagh.net

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