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Tapping into Central Europe’s LNG boom

14 February 2020
Liquefied natural gas (LNG) imports have made a clear and positive impact on Central and Eastern Europe, improving energy security, lowering prices and decreasing Russian geopolitical leverage. The EU and US are backing billions of dollars of further investment from the Baltic to the Aegean, and MENA suppliers are... »

Green Morocco: Opportunities in agriculture

25 February 2020
Morocco has been very successful at enhancing agricultural processing activities through its Plan Maroc Vert, or Green Morocco Plan. The sector has become more attractive for international investments, but issues related to climate change and land fragmentation remain challenges to faster sector growth

Managing COVID-19: China, OPEC and the energy markets

28 February 2020
The coronavirus epidemic has put Asian oil and gas demand growth back in the spotlight – this time as a spoiler not the savior it has been in the last three decades.  That period had its scares – the Asian financial crisis of 1997-98 and the global financial crisis... »

Central Europe’s low-cost carriers take off

03 March 2020
By launching a subsidiary in Abu Dhabi, Hungary’s Wizz Air has made a statement of intent. Until recently, it was the Gulf airlines looking to invest in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), rather than vice-versa. But Wizz Air has been able to leverage its success on the growing CEE... »

Egypt: Demographic dividend or ticking time bomb?

13 March 2020
Egypt’s rapidly growing youth population offers significant opportunities for economic development over the long term. However, a persistent skills shortage and misalignment of education and job market needs may prevent the country from successfully taking advantage of this potential demographic dividend. A failure to achieve the human capital and education... »

Tunisia: Strong investor interest to energise renewables

17 March 2020
Attracting investment into its domestic renewable energy sector will remain a priority of the Tunisian government over the coming years in line with its efforts to boost energy security and increase foreign direct investment inflows. The strong growth potential of the market and increasing competition in the global renewable... »

What the doctor ordered: Pharma drives economic growth in Central Europe

27 March 2020
Leveraging location, low costs, and strong legacy companies with a skilled labour pool, the pharmaceutical industry is a quiet success story in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). The sector is a major contributor to exports and R&D spending in several countries, and has become a magnet for M&A deals... »

China’s role in Middle East oil and gas

07 February 2020
The specter of Chinese geopolitical power rising in the Middle East has raised concerns in the West that as the power and influence of the US – and to some extent its European partners – wanes, China will exercise more influence and control over the oil and gas sectors... »

Now everyone has the big boy’s toys:  The democratization of air power

04 February 2020
Technological advances and increased globalization are calling into question long-held assumptions about the use of air power. Non-state actors capable of leveraging new technology – such as cheap precision guided missiles and drones – present a new challenge for air forces of advanced industrial states. Traditional powers must understand... »

The pattern of protest in the Middle East

21 January 2020
The popular uprisings associated with the Arab Spring, and recent and ongoing protests in countries such as Iraq, Iran and Lebanon differ in origin, but their underlying causes are similar. The reasons revolt does not lead to real political and economic change are also the same. The fundamental challenge... »

Brazil is open for business

17 January 2020
When the divisive Jair Bolsonaro became president of Brazil a year ago, it raised many concerns about the direction his country would take. The domestic and international business community has been relatively united in welcoming him and his strong free-market inclinations, which remain particularly attractive to foreign investors. For... »

Agriculture in CEE: Competitive advantages amid structural downsides

20 December 2019
Swathes of under-invested land, a strong tradition of agricultural production, and access to EU markets and funds are draws for investors in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). Recent years have seen landmark investments in the region’s agricultural sector, including from food-insecure Gulf countries. But businesses still grapple with fragmented... »

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