Market Monitor

The rise of digital solutions – and vulnerabilities – in oil and gas

06 December 2019
The hydrocarbons sector is increasingly turning to digital solutions to monitor, predict and optimise operations, enabling companies to better insulate themselves against market volatility. The process of digitalisation will create significant vulnerabilities in terms of cybersecurity and data privacy. O&G companies are particularly exposed, and it will take government... »

Going places: South-east Europe’s tech sector

22 November 2019
With a strong tradition of technical and scientific education, relatively low cost bases, a strategic location, and growing support from governments and private investors, the tech sector in South-east Europe is a bright spot on the investment landscape. While other industries struggle with politics, bureaucracy and relatively small domestic... »

Lebanon: attempts to fast-track electricity reform

19 November 2019
Electricity reforms are a priority for Lebanon, a country in the midst of an economic crisis, at high risk of default with a debt to GDP ratio surpassing 150%, and a negative outlook credit rating. The power sector is accountable for $36bn – 40% – of Lebanon’s public debt.... »

Adriatic tourism: potential vs roadblocks

15 November 2019
Croatia and Montenegro have large and growing tourism industries. While Montenegro has seen a range of major resort investments from foreign companies, developments backed by foreign direct investment in Croatia have been held up by bureaucracy and poorly conceived projects. Nonetheless, opportunities in Croatia and downside risks in Montenegro... »

The ups and downs of Iran’s economy

08 November 2019
On a roller coaster ride for the past thirty years, Iran’s economy is once again in crisis mode. After a modest recovery following the signing of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) and lifting of the UN oil embargo of 2012–16, the economic downturn which began in 2018... »

Renewable energy powering electricity sector investment in sub-Saharan Africa

29 October 2019
Renewable energy projects, particularly utility-scale grid connected developments, are emerging as an investment bright spot and capacity growth out-performer in sub-Saharan Africa’s wider power market. This will continue over the coming years, underpinned by strong underlying demand for electricity, the lower-risk profile of renewable energy assets compared with conventional... »

Testing Turkey’s economic resilience

25 October 2019
In the midst of renewed tensions with Washington over Ankara’s military incursion in Syria, there are fresh concerns that Turkey’s economy could soon face another confidence shock. The economy has proved relatively resilient to headwinds in the recent past, and the country has maintained a good outlook for foreign... »

Drones: the strategic game changers

18 October 2019
The surprise attack on the Saudi Abqaiq and Khurais oil facilities in September has drawn attention to the increasing role of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), commonly known as drones, in conflict. Innovations in military technologies require a new strategic discourse, but in the realm of unmanned warfare there remains... »

Vietnam – not just a manufacturing hub

15 October 2019
Strong economic growth in Vietnam will help open up opportunities in a variety of sectors outside of manufacturing over the coming years, although the business environment remains challenging. Structural factors, including rapidly rising incomes, major urbanisation and an ageing population, will underpin expansion in three sectors in particular –... »

Djibouti: Logistics a bright spot in wider industrialisation plans

08 October 2019
Djibouti’s logistics sector will grow rapidly in the coming years, establishing the country as a major conduit for East Africa trade. Chinese firms will be instrumental in providing the necessary capital and expertise. Realising the wider economic aims of the 2035 strategy, however, including the development of a manufacturing... »

Jordan: A case study in expanding renewable energy

04 October 2019
Jordan has been at the forefront of renewable energy deployment in the Middle East, with the sector accounting for 7.9% of the country’s total electricity generation in 2018 compared to 2% in 2013. Yet, challenges hindering the upscaling of renewables are multiplying as the sector gains momentum. Being an... »

Saudi Arabia energy infrastructure attacks – how will the US respond?

24 September 2019
The key uncertainty following the recent strike against the Khurais and Abqaiq facilities – the heart of Saudi Arabia’s oil industry and a vital spoke in the world’s energy infrastructure – is how the US and its regional partners will respond. Among the mainstream foreign policy thinkers, a consensus... »

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