Gulf Monitor

Gulf retail – shopped out?

12 November 2019
With new shopping centres opening their doors and double-digit growth predicted in the medium term, the Gulf retail industry looks set for a boom. But the market may be struggling with oversupply and dwindling demand.Gulf Monitor | Jonathan Gorvett | GCC Retail

Efforts to counter Iran by the US, Saudi Arabia and the UAE come to an end

05 November 2019
President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw troops from Syria signals the end of US support for the Saudi Arabia-UAE alliance which sought to counter Iran's strategic advances in the Middle East. Their decades-long effort received a major boost in 2017, when Trump threw his support behind his two GCC... »

Changes afoot in Fujairah aim to boost the port’s global prestige

30 October 2019
The Fujairah port and free zone began to emerge more than a decade ago as a strategic location for storage and bunkering given its positioning outside the Strait of Hormuz in the Gulf of Oman. While the location is not immune to regional security risks – evidenced most recently... »

Saudi oil IPO could tempt regional peers to list, but substantial limitations remain

22 October 2019
Investors hoping for a slice of the world’s biggest, and most profitable, corporation will have to wait a while longer after Saudi Aramco again decided to hold off plans to conduct an initial public offering (IPO) over an acceptable valuation. However, Aramco will eventually privatise a stake in the... »

Takeaway food: GCC food security hinges on building strong strategic partnerships

11 October 2019
GCC countries are seeking outward-looking solutions to guarantee their food security. Supported by government initiatives, private agribusiness companies are buying land across the world to secure agricultural goods from cereals to meat, particularly in destinations closer to home in South Asia and East Africa. However, the new phase of... »

Views on Qatar’s Vision 2030 – how sustainable is the roadmap?

01 October 2019
Two years on from the outbreak of the Qatar crisis, the blockade has provided Doha with an opportunity to rebrand itself and focus on its development goals and diversification plans as written in its National Vision 2030. Drawing on off the record conversations in London and Doha in April... »

The pros and cons of expanding plastics production in the GCC

27 September 2019
The global pushback against single-use plastics could have implications for the future expansion of the polymer industry in GCC countries.

Spending to Grow in Saudi Arabia

10 August 2018
Saudi Arabia is seeing some positive news in the return on investment in its outwardly placed capital in new technology.

Privatisation in Saudi Arabia: Vision 2030 Ready to Sell

16 July 2018
There have been four important changes to the kingdom's economic policies that may pave the way for increased foreign investment, though not likely immediate job growth.

A Home of One’s Own: Subsidised Housing as a Key Lever of Gulf Domestic Policy

15 June 2018
Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohamed bin Zayed announced a new social support program for citizens in the emirate to double the number of the government's annual subsidized housing loans.

Unwinding the JCPOA Opens Doors for China and Amplifies Risk in the Gulf

17 May 2018
For traditional U.S. partners and allies in the Gulf and beyond, the unwinding of U.S. participation in the JCPOA will create some multidimensional consequences.

Tying the Region in Knots: How the JCPOA is Tethered to Gulf Economic and Security Challenges

27 April 2018
U.S. President Donald J. Trump faces a deadline for the recertification of sanctions relief on May 12, when a waiver of a key sanctions law expires, and would need to be renewed lest the sanctions provided for in that law snap back into force.

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