Saudi Crown Prince: The New Europe is the Middle East

24 October 2018
Saudi Arabia has tripled its non-oil revenues since unveiling of Vision 2030

Tunisia at a crossroad

23 October 2018
After four years of consensual politics enabled by the coalition between Nidaa Tounes and Ennahda, Tunisia finds itself at a crossroad ahead of the General Elections to be held in December 2019. This report from Castlereagh Associates brings forward the political, economic and social challenges currently facing the country. 

Latest U.S. sanctions on Iran, an unprecedented banking crisis

18 October 2018
Latest U.S. sanctions on Iran increases the risk for Terran’s banking system beyond FATF.

A small respite for Iraqis: Turkey allows more water into Iraq

17 October 2018
Iraq is highly dependent on its neighbours’ goodwill as nearly 70% of its water supplies stem from external sources.

Irish border talks raise political uncertainty over Brexit

17 October 2018
In a coalition with the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), Prime Minister May seems to be gradually adopting a more intransigeant approach to please her political allies.

Will Turkey continue to help Iran evade U.S. sanctions?

14 October 2018
Enjoying trade ties worth $11 billion in 2017 and planning on bringing that amount to $30 billion in the near future, Iran and Turkey would need a joint bank to insulate trade exchanges from American sanctions.

Iran sanctions: a softening of the US position ahead of November

10 October 2018
Iran sanctions: a softening of the US position ahead of November 4th deadline

Iran doubling down on its race to escape FATF’s blacklisting

09 October 2018
This approval is an achievement for Rouhani as it is likely to lead FATF’s incoming plenary meeting into extending the suspension of countermeasures on Iran.
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