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25 January 2019
Saudi Delegation in World Economic Forum

Germany increases pressure on Iran

22 January 2019
German intelligence warns the IRGC by withdrawing Mahan Air licence

A Rebound in Oil Prices

21 January 2019
US-China probable deal increases oil prices

Brexit opportunities and GCC investors

17 January 2019
Uncertainty to be dragged over the next months

Trump steps up the pressure on Turkey

17 January 2019
Turkey’s strategic importance shielding it from economic vulnerability

Prime Minister May’s last stand

08 January 2019
British Parliament to vote on Brexit Deal on 15th January

Iran prepares for 2019-2020 Budget

21 December 2018
Parliament considering a budget for dire times

A slumping housing market in the UK

20 December 2018
Brexit is only the top of the iceberg

Saudi Arabia unveils 2019 Budget

20 December 2018
Saudi Arabia has unveiled its 2019 budget which plans increases in both government revenues and expenditure. Exceeding the ceiling of 1 trillion Riyal (SAR), or $295 billion, the budget is the Kingdom’s primary hope for economic development and growth.

A Future Red Sea Council

13 December 2018
Neighbours meet in Riyadh for a new security entity

New Central Bank Governor in India

13 December 2018
Why are Government-Central Bank relations fraught

UN Migration Compact

11 December 2018
An uncompromising text causing much political instability
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