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Castlereagh Associates Consultancy Limited

Castlereagh Associates is a London-based research and analysis company (Co. No. 11120687) providing clients with strategic political and economic risk expertise and analytical tools that help them navigate complex markets, avoid risks and identify opportunities.

Why Political Risk is vital for your investment?

We at Castlereagh Associates appreciate how political risk can affect the operations, viability and profitability of a business as directly and swiftly as any financial, physical, or market risk factors. The post-Cold War era of predictability and stability in global politics has given way to a far more disruptive geopolitical environment. In this context, investors and companies have taken notice that business can no longer evade the complex world of politics and international affairs. Although political risk is difficult to quantify, companies and investors must understand political risk and be able to assess how the various local factors – economic, institutional, historical, societal – intersect with regional and global ones to determine political risk conditions in the short-, medium- and long-term.

Your Choice of Risk Advisory

Castlereagh Associates is a specialized consultancy in Political Risk Assessment and Business Strategy Solutions, with a team of highly qualified experts it engages in making and managing a portfolio of risk assessment/investment country studies tailored to our investor’s requirements. We offer several range of products and services, including: In-depth briefing for investors, risk assessment of potential and current business opportunities and contracts, monitoring political, Economic and social changes affecting future investments for our clients. Most importantly, Castlereagh Associates provides business strategic advisory to clients entering new markets.

Why Us?

From London, a leading global hub and invaluable source of talented professionals, we are assembling a high-level team, with geographical and topical specialities. Led by Dr. Adel Zaid Altoraifi, whose depth and breadth of expertise spans over 20 years in media, government, academia and the private sector, we are developing unique risk analysis products, based on advanced methodologies, cutting-edge research and a high-level global network. Our mission is to meet the needs of investors and companies by providing them with the analytical tools that allow them to navigate complex markets, understand potential risks and identify opportunities. Get in touch to talk to us. 

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