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  • Where do Saudi Arabia’s youth stand amid COVID-19? 29 May 2020 - Mark C. Thompson In Saudi Arabia, where some 60% of the population is under the age of 30, and largely well educated, constructive youth engagement is a necessity for the socioeconomic development. With the fallout from the coronavirus pandemic threatening… »
  • Can Saudi container ports demand keep up with capacity? 26 May 2020 - Daniel Moshashai Over the last decade the volume of container throughput handled at Saudi ports has nearly doubled, due in large part to privatisation, regulatory changes and high-tech equipment. With ever more attention directed towards capturing Red Sea trade flows,… »
  • Climate change and migration – the next big challenge for MENA? 22 May 2020 - The level of disruption caused by the coronavirus pandemic has revealed how ill-prepared governments and international institutions are for anything beyond their routine activities. When normality is once again restored, the world must learn the lessons from today’s events in… »
  • How will MENA handle mass urbanisation? 19 May 2020 - Perhaps more than anywhere else in the world, rapid urbanisation in the MENA region will create significant investment opportunities for a variety of domestic and foreign firms. North Africa will see high-volume, low-tech developments, while capital-intensive projects such as rail… »
  • Iran: a gas giant with feet of clay 15 May 2020 - After the re-imposition of US sanctions in 2018 sparked a crash in its oil industry, Iran accelerated production of natural gas and gas condensates and expanded gas exports to neighbouring countries less vulnerable to sanctions. However, domestic obstacles and continued limits… »
  • Surviving the cure: Morocco adapts to COVID-19 12 May 2020 - As the fallout from the COVID-19 continues, Morocco has sought to manage the effects on its economy through a series of stimulus measures designed to support businesses and workers. Heavily reliant on tourism and industrial exports, the country’s recovery will… »

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